Long tired nights….

Long tired nights,

And, I coil unto you.

Treading on your chest,

I rest my anxieties unto you

Open my eyes,

For I long for your hallucination

Close those windows,

I dread those winds of change




The love out of me



Let go,

The fear out of me

Come hither,

I am awake

The longer you take,

The shorter our fate….

2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

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‘Lest I forget…

‘Lest I forget,

You’re not here yet.

My time tick, tick and tocks

My heart often just picks ,picks and drops

No matter what I say or do,

My words are not getting through

My face seems to search those lines

Your fingers drew …

I need reasons to understand,

I need moments to believe

Baby, hold my soul

Oh baby, don’t watch it mold

I know love comes slow

But goes faster away

I need you to stay

Yes, I need you to…

On why I don’t like A.R. Rahman ( that much )


I think A.R. Rahman is overrated. Not think, actually. He really is.

Before you embark on a verbal journey of hate and in-the-mind abuses, let me tell you that I am not against his music. I strongly feel that his music is not that rave which certain sections of the media and listeners have portrayed it to be. They have put him on such a pedestal as calling him, “The God of Music.”


A.R. Rahman is fantastic in the way he fuses his music … in his use of his instruments and for bringing alive a sound, no other composer has dreamt of. Yes. He is a brilliant composer and there is no second take on that.

But there is a slight difference between a music arranger/composer and being a music director in itself.

Barring his selected songs in Roja, Taal, Dil se & Rockstar, I fail to see his connect with my musical chord. My own boss calls me musically handicapped because I do not grasp how technically bang on Rahman’s music is.

Consider his latest – Highway. Apart from “Patakha Guddi,” there is NOT a single song that I feel stands up to his previous works. It’s not the kind of songs, I would put on repeat. I would turn the radio OFF.

I reiterate that I do not have any qualms with him being an international level music arranger or composer but considering Bollywood, his style of making music should only be restricted to background scores or instrumentals. Not with vocals. Firstly , I face huge difficulty in understanding his singers accents or their style of singing & secondly , his tunes are so overpowering , that the vocals are completely drowned. “ Maahi Ve,” is a perfect example.  I had the opportunity of watching A.R. Rahman perform LIVE @ the MTV Awards 2013 in Mumbai and must I say, the man is a performer. His knowledge of rhythm is so vast that it won’t be wrong to say he can compose a tune on the spot; I have a slight hitch when it comes to his expressing his love for Sufism, although.

Rahman is a huge fan of spirituality and the Sufi way of life. But then again, excluding his “Satrangi re” from Dil se, “Ramta Jogi” from Taal & my favorite “Khwaja Mere Khwaja,” as a Sufi lover myself, his songs do not connect to my inner being.

But yes, his Sufi is way progressive than any other present music director or composer that I know. Rockstar was one such album.

For me as a listener, a perfect music director is someone like Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Amit Trivedi, Salim- Suleiman, Mithoon and the stalwart O.P. Nayyar. Not only they combine excellent tunes with perfectly suited vocals, they also had the lucky streak to have had major names as lyricists’.

That one composition that I would give A.R. Rahman a 10/10 for is “VANDE MATARAM.” No other song can encompass the patriotism that the song captures.

Music is a very personal element for me. My views, however, disturbing or rubbish they may sound to you are mine. 

Accessorizing Love

Caressing the highways of my face,

Are the droplets of the rain, long awaited.

The jazz of the thundering cloudy nights,

The dance of my body filled with titillation



Snuggle me within you,

Like that lonesome moon in the greys,

Let me slither,

 Like that wet soap down your navel…

Decorate me on you,

Like that bed sheet on the first night.

I’m still colorless…


Like that migraine,

I’ll arrive unannounced.

I am in love, beware

I am all around..yet unaware…

Sinking Hope….

Absurdity slowly sinks in,

I transcend into my zone.

Unlocking the closet of the past,

 Burn each deed with a drone.


That temple of hope,

Turned into a shrine,

Joining hands were forces,

Thought they could rewind …


My eyes are weak,

I see through the heart.

Look through my soul,

 Nude, clean but dithering apart.


Tell me how do I erase you?

When does it expunge?

I keep rubbing…

He keeps shaping. 

Dickensian Trolley of thoughts !!!!

July 15 . The date when India will banish the 160 year old telegram service forever . 

It’s nothing stunning or something that was not expected . With smartphones and facebook taking almost 99% of our time…everything archaic , once considered novelty is now not even being kept on the back-bench of anybody’s life . 

Kodak shut . 

It gave life ( almost) to photography …to pictures and to everything that could be captured . But today, all you and I need is a smartphone with some shitty 8-12MP camera lens that does not work good at night ( although I have heard Nokia Lumia 920 IS GOOD !!) . 

I remember this recent incident when the whole world was waiting with bated breath for the appearance of their latest POPE , the vatican city was lit up . Not with street lights or fireworks but the lights emitting from their phones camera lens , waiting to capture a blurred POPE !! 

So strange na . We do not even stop to look back at our lives these days …nobody has the time . We just want everything so swish-swoosh that even if I sleep for 10 hours a day , people say I am wasting my life . 

What the hell do you want me to do then ? Climb on the Eiffel and do the bungee ?? Ballllss !!! 

As kids we were asked to say ” NAMASTE,” to our elders and in my society, young boys used to touch the feet of the elderly to receive blessings. Now , all they do is hi-five and some bland YO’s . It does not mean that the respect has shivered down ….all it shows that we fail to express . Traditions are no longer traditional . 

Love has given way to materialistic sex . 

I do not remember the last time I heard someone talking about ” Doordarshan.” Sounds stupid eh ? Why would somebody just talk about it like that. 

That channel was the stepping stone of Indian Television with it’s half monotonous , half battery dead shehnai ( some sort of flute instrument) sound and the Chitrahaar. Today , no channel can even come close to enjoying the kind of popularity that it had . 

Every freakin’ film today crosses the 100 crore mark . Every damn actor today receives some bonked up award or another . I mean why should I waste my 30 Dirhams and watch a film when anyways it will win an award in some stupid category !!!

Sick of everything that can be bought ….. where is the audacity people had to demand something only when they worked for it ???

My father tells me ” We are here na to support your husband.” 

I give him that dirty piercing look as a daughter and ask him , ” What if my grandmom had said the same thing when you married mom?” 

It is imperative that we teach our next ones to achieve….achieve them through their brains…not someone’s recommendation…teach them that being humble does not mean weak. Abhor any negative thoughts about love and make them not just good people but Great examples !!!!

PHEW !!!  


Love makes Life live….

There are very few things in this universe that actually interest or move a writer / poet. It’s no different with me. For me, things are never like,


WOW! I am so happyyy!!!

OMG!! I feel on top on the world!!!



That’s why when I watched “Aashiqui 2,” my heart skipped a beat. It was like me waking up after a long slumber. Hibernation.

The film was not just another film .

For me , it was my perfect love story. PERFECT. I am not here to review the film or flatter myself by announcing to the world on how outwardly moving I  thought it was. After a very long time, I saw a film that had me crying, not from my eyes, but my soul.

After a very long time, I saw a saga that was based on just love. No bloodshed , no unrealistic promises and no hogwash dialogues . The film hit that chord which no film had strung in a long time in me.

It beautifully spoke of how much and how madly two people can love each other. It elucidated how fragile that feeling is when you see your loved one crumble there in front of you . At some point we all have must seen that or gone through it .

The ethereal moment when Rahul Jayekar confesses his love for Aarohi Shirke .


That feeling of anger when Rahul Jayekar overhears people gossiping on how he used Aarohi for his own fun and frolic, that helplessness when a woman cannot help her man or that man who could not help himself.


Aashiqui 2 is all that. A painful, emotionally loaded drama with music (links below) , or should I say odes to love, that illustrate how love triumphs not only through physical journeys but also often comes out in flying colors through distances or loss.

Sometimes….love doesn’t need presence. All it needs is ………..Aashiqui . 

Here is the link to my personal favourite song(s) :



Parchness of the Soul

Lucid emotions,

Asking for a podium of hearts,

Enabling the viscose of nests,

Hence, the yoke of love ascends.


She chains her wings to halt the flight,

They flap, they tither …

Surely, want to fly.


The reception around her boundaries,

Weakens at the prime

She tends to mold her caricature

But alas, it costs a dime!


Butter her hands,

They have endured deserts parch.

Tingle her heart,

For the placid waters have been calm too long…