Lights on!! Its the ciTy…

Wherein the whole world sleeps, I, am an exception. My eyes concoct diverse & manipulative ways to keep the people rousing .

There is always a city tht never sleeps,

the city that is wide awake

A place where the stars and the moon have no effect, &

An arena where the battle to stay conscious is fought with full throttle.

People here, people there..

Some devouring,

while others walk around fooling..

Some , getting towed away with their family baggage, while others,

laze around with their stirring eye sag(gage)

The night is still young,

The lamps still in the urn,

Restaurants boisterously their signs, resemblin,

Los Angeles’s casino’s warnin

That sea hushed,

That ship rushed,

The children sprinting,

The mothers whimpering

The fathers puffing out,

Whereas the pets scuffling about.

I gaze groggily,

I snort angrily,

Do these maniacs have no work,

That they howl with their toll in the dork (exemplified for the word dark)

But, ahem!!

As I snarl in my cosy lil sleeping cot,

I wonder with an impregnating thought,

That, this is life and it shows,

Let the season be dewy or cold,

We are the people, and

Our existence would never grow old


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