Unfolding tides



I doubt life is long,

But often pretend it all along.

I reminiscence those long, uneventful turns,

Those lonely meetings with the sea, and

The ugly strife with that wayward clock!!!


Like my country’s border with armed soldiers stood,

That faraway church then rang under its hood,

I knew I was untangled…


Those eyes arrested me with their cuffs so cavernous,

The touch perforated the sense of my senses.

He was nor life, neither death, nor me neither you,

All was him, and me,

Plain dew.


Caress me oh traveler,

Like your whereabouts,

Fervently kiss me,

Like those unannounced good-byes, and

Unfold me unto you,

Like…Well, just do it!!


If this isn’t love,

What is?

If this isn’t madness,

Sanity is not my cup of tea

I am not your life,

Make me your death and I shall live….


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