Musings of a Jobless Lass – Part 1

Sitting on my bed at 4:30 pm on a Thursday evening and wondering whether to sleep or write, signifies just one thing-“I am JOBLESS.”

Well, before you tend to rather miss this write-up thinking I am gonna brag or cry about my new phase of life, let me tell you…I ain’t new to it babay!!

Every alternate year I am jobless.

I was working in 2005 and 2007 I was jobless (which resulted in me going for my masters), 2009 I was jobless and 2010 I had a job and mid 2011 I am again jobless. So you see, my professional life is more like a gym cycle. It runs…but with its own pace and often its chains are seen hanging out , asking for repair.

Just yesterday, my mom gave me her daily dose of  recruitment gyaan orknowledge(for those unknown to hindi linguistics) . 

Mom – Why don’t you apply for a bank? It’s a good and stable job and they pay you well .

Me  – Mommmmmmm, I am not the bank types…you know I’m horrible at numbers!! 

Mom – Do me a favor then!! Sit at home all your life whilst all your friends are busy minting money. “Kahan pichle 2 mahine tak you had Dhs 20,000 in your account and now only Dhs 10,000 is left(with her oh-so-emotional-concerned look). 

Me – *YAWN*

The best thing about being jobless is the fact that nobody expects anything from you. Your friends dont expect gifts on their birthdays…your parents don’t expect on their anniversaries , birthdays or even diwali parites, blah blah and blah .

BUT…..what if they don’t expect…you still do!!! Atleast they are earning !!!

So, gear up with your sympathy socks and enjoy this phase while it lasts. I’ll be back tomorrow to understand why my dog actually sleeps on my bed when its kennel is way much bigger and airy !!!!


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