Musings of a Jobless Lass – Part 2 (Magazines and Festive Gifts)

Musings of a Jobless Lass – Part 2 (Magazines and Festive Gifts)

It’s close to 8PM on a Friday evening here in my boring haven and like all normal people out there, I should be partying , drinking and roaming the streets of this made-up city . But, since I am penniless(not literally) I chose to sit and tumble it all on tumblr. 

I am in a very bizarre state of mind today. Naah…not worried about my larger than life DOG. But , trying to coax or convince myself of a tradition that’s been so long a part and parcel of the Indian culture.

Gifting during festivals

According to the Indian calendar , the festival of lights or Diwali , as we call it , is soon approaching on the 26th of this month and before I know it , I am turned into a full time driver (Yes, again because I’m not busy and am jobless) who will drive her parents out to every relative’s house to deliver gifts to them.

But hey, that’s yet not the problem.

The problem is this :  I was just lazily turning the pages of a magazine that comes out every friday and came across an article on what one could gift during this festive season. This is what I saw and pardon my french but I just couldn’t take this paradigm change all of a sudden :

 ”Surprise your loved ones with these THOUGHTFUL (will tell you why I put this is CAPS) GIFTS and watch their faces light up.” 

” An awesome watch from FENDI.”

“Swarovski diamond pendants and earrings.” 

” A Watch studded with diamonds from Gucci,” and the cracker of all, 

” Perfumes from no less that Gucci , Burberry and what not.”

Honestly, I am not against gifting…but this just doesnt look like gifting to me . It more or less resembles pretentious and over-the-top money laundering to me.

Where was the thoughtfulness in it (Scroll up to see THOUGHTFUL in CAPS) . There were times when gifts were given out of love and concern and as a gesture to celebrate rather than to show who’s pocket is heavier then whose!!!

I’m sure you all remember how any family festival , when we were young had our nanas, dadas and friends come over and celebrate the festival in full vigour. But now, it’s all about “OMG!! Look at my new diamond necklace. My hubby gifted it to me on our 2nd Anniversary. He loves me so much na?” 

You crazy woman!! This gift was not out of his love… it was out of your desperation to show off to your friends that he had to buy it for you .

Aaaah….Peeps, realise the importance of gifts in our lives . They are meant to make bonds of love stronger ,not highlight which brand looks better or which costs more.

Gifts are given out of love , no matter the money. It was never about who spends more…it’s all about the feelings . Respect them .

Let the society change….let it become modern…but our feelings , our love has to remain grounded. Relations are built and nurtured that ways.

So, this festive season….be it Diwali/Christmas or anything….Bring out the gifts that your loved ones would cherish and remember all their lives . 🙂

OHHH Damnn!! My Dogggg…..Gotta go peeps…!!

Till then….Happy Festivities..


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