Musings of a Jobless Lass- Part 3(Daily chores)

A very famous person( my father) quotes, “ A man is known by two things, his shoes and his wife(some contrast , I say) . Whereas a woman is known by the 4 walls she transforms into a home.”

I agree to it. But somewhat.

I was never that clean and efficient at house chores and being jobless certainly gives my folks an opportunity to tread me down that path ,every second they get!!

I grunt,

I roar with anger, and even

Beg with my hands cupped,

But NO!!

My father is hell bent on making me a purrfect housewife ( My Dog just yawned at this!!!)

“There are maids and butlers for all this,” I argue.

My father now puts his king size one liner at me at which I always fail,

“Child, would you want your husband to go out and eat , especially when the restaurant lady is sooooooo ahhh jaw droppingly good looking.”

“Well let her be good looking atleast, since you’re not,SWEETY!!”

OOPS!! That was my mum.

So yeah, housework bores me ! It kinda resembles the prison of guantanamo bay for me especially when im not in the mood for it.

That broom with it’s ghoulish and prickly whatever, the vaccuum like a scary anaconda, sucking everything in and to wipe it all out- the wet lazy mop.

Imagine those dirty dishes with half eaten slice, bread crumbs half chewed and half soaked in saliva or that spinach still wet with your …. NEVERMIND ( hate it when people dont empty their plates after dinner)


Aaahhh for the pain of a housewife. I know too, ill face this wrath very soon but ill make sure of one thing atleast, that,

My House is never next to a good- looking lady’s restaurant!! Tee-hee 🙂


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