Romancing the Delusion


That clock tower rung,

I noticed time slowing down

Denying the present, the old lady trots ahead,

Her era shadowing her…


In a quandary, my mind races,

I try to fit my past in today.

Damn you, my life

I miss being astray.


I am in love, for God’s sake,

Untie my ropes,

Unleash my reins,

My lover awaits…


 Blacks and greys are out,

It’s the red that hungers me.

I try to look in the city,

The wilderness somehow eclipses.


The clutter that my love is,

It straightens the mess in me.

I look at those hands and shiver…

And that’s when they come wrapping around. 



  1. Asif Khan · February 8, 2012

    Wooww! This is amazing…just want to know..what was on ur mind when you were writing? Very expressive…i tell you, its not easy to descrie what you feel, with words..

    • honeyak · February 8, 2012

      you can think what was on my minddd 😉 Romanceee + the purrfect weatherrr 🙂

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