The Indian cricket circus – On why I love the IPL

I am no cricket commentator who uses her flowery linguistic abilities to talk about a game or not some film star-turned-franchise owner who just fulfills her cricket commitments by hugging and literally falling off in the arms of a turbannator.

I am just another layman cricket aficionado and I love the Indian Premier League a.k.a IPL.

Lalit Modi brought that, to this Gentleman’s game what Dimple Kapadia in Bobby bequeathed to the Indian Film Industry.

Scantily clad but hot cheerleaders winging their pom-poms , the fanatic crowd going bonkers over that six or simply  showing enthusiasm to see themselves on the big screen or  Chris Gayle playing against his own team mate pollard , it all happens here. Right there on the ground.

The Indian Premier league in a way was a route to not only adding that glam quotient in the otherwise 50 over you bat-I ball game , it is also a pertinent example of how one man otherwise unheard of, could overhaul or change cricket in such an imminent fashion .

You know what I feel is the best part about IPL. Of course the money, but pushing that aside, it’s the whole cricket diaspora that gets shuffled and comes together (barring the Pakistani Cricketers, wonder why?) and for a whole 1.5 months, it’s an Indian cricket circus. You see a West Indian like Kieron Pollard who wouldn’t even know the first alphabet of Marathi, play for Mumbai Indians or  a smoking hot Kevin Pietersen (who makes my estrogen level shoot up to its maximum) play for the Dilli ka Dabanng (Delhi Daredevils ). It’s this amalgamation of cricketers we all love or loathe, that puts the IPL on a different pedestal altogether.

Yes, we have stalwarts who think it’s just about the moolah or just about rescinding the format of the game. Look at the incalculability of this tournament that a retired Saurav Ganguly who would probably never come back to the One day or Test format, lands up here as the captain of the Pune Warriors India and yes, we are still hooting at him, no matter how he plays or how he behaves.

Munaf Patel hurls abuses & points fingers at the umpire…Harbhajan slaps sreesanth , Preity Zinta almost jumps in Yuvraj Singh’s lap,  would you get to see this in a stiff upper-lip test match format.


No right.

Let me be very candid. I do not follow Ranji cricket as much as my guy friends do but picture this, Ashok Dinda , one of the many nets bowlers who had come down for a session with Kolkata Knight Riders,  bagged his first coveted IPL contract before he made his debut for Bengal in Ranji Trophy, all thanks to who, RICKY PONTING.

This is what this 3 hour fast and furious game does. Bring out the pool of talent that we have in this country and make them play against novices or some of the best names in cricket.



Colossal amount of auctioning, numerous sponsors , a truckload of national and international cricketers from around the world & an already cracked up Indian media all come together in this tournament to give us, yes, cricket crazy citizens like us, another reason to rejoice.  We see fireworks; DJ’s belting out “Pyar ki Pungi bajakar,” in the stadiums, and Ravi Shastri at his idiomatic best, all in one day.


Indian Premier League is the glossy Hindi film that delves more on shoo-shaa than content.


The biggest money spinner, the humongous publicity and yes, the opportunity to bring global cricketing names to your doorstep whilst spotting the rookies, Indian Premier League is well…..something that I relish.


IPL is just a form of mollycoddling cricket.

Don’t take it too seriously. Just enjoy the tamasha 🙂

*Goes back to watching Delhi Daredevils Vs Mumbai Indians match*



  1. Asif Khan · April 18, 2012

    Woow! This is a very well written and expressed article about IPL. Ever wondered if u want to publish this in Friday magazine? Try.. It will certainly workout.. M serious

    • honeyak · April 19, 2012

      That is a good idea ! Will certainly try it out ! 🙂
      Thanks 🙂

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