Romancing the Trance

The trance of time waved over the limited

She was needed where she was left off

Yet unaware were her tresses,

Of the strong wind that blew past by…

Her lip balm was still wet…

 It’s color, motionless anew.  

 See-through reality,

 A mis-guided reverie,

 Both combined…aaahh what a treasury!




Leave her bosom; he no longer clutches it,

Don’t, her heart, he plain dutches it.


She swears at the sea,

The waves gave her hope,

Her intense words now foul,

His poetry was dope!


If, every tomorrow is a new day,

Let every tonight become nostalgic.

Run your fingers through my hair,

And make this ending tragic….



  1. Asif Khan · November 11, 2012

    wow! very well written honey. Thumps Up ! 🙂
    I loved it….and also like how you describe the thoughts through words…Very Good.!

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