Dickensian Trolley of thoughts !!!!

July 15 . The date when India will banish the 160 year old telegram service forever . 

It’s nothing stunning or something that was not expected . With smartphones and facebook taking almost 99% of our time…everything archaic , once considered novelty is now not even being kept on the back-bench of anybody’s life . 

Kodak shut . 

It gave life ( almost) to photography …to pictures and to everything that could be captured . But today, all you and I need is a smartphone with some shitty 8-12MP camera lens that does not work good at night ( although I have heard Nokia Lumia 920 IS GOOD !!) . 

I remember this recent incident when the whole world was waiting with bated breath for the appearance of their latest POPE , the vatican city was lit up . Not with street lights or fireworks but the lights emitting from their phones camera lens , waiting to capture a blurred POPE !! 

So strange na . We do not even stop to look back at our lives these days …nobody has the time . We just want everything so swish-swoosh that even if I sleep for 10 hours a day , people say I am wasting my life . 

What the hell do you want me to do then ? Climb on the Eiffel and do the bungee ?? Ballllss !!! 

As kids we were asked to say ” NAMASTE,” to our elders and in my society, young boys used to touch the feet of the elderly to receive blessings. Now , all they do is hi-five and some bland YO’s . It does not mean that the respect has shivered down ….all it shows that we fail to express . Traditions are no longer traditional . 

Love has given way to materialistic sex . 

I do not remember the last time I heard someone talking about ” Doordarshan.” Sounds stupid eh ? Why would somebody just talk about it like that. 

That channel was the stepping stone of Indian Television with it’s half monotonous , half battery dead shehnai ( some sort of flute instrument) sound and the Chitrahaar. Today , no channel can even come close to enjoying the kind of popularity that it had . 

Every freakin’ film today crosses the 100 crore mark . Every damn actor today receives some bonked up award or another . I mean why should I waste my 30 Dirhams and watch a film when anyways it will win an award in some stupid category !!!

Sick of everything that can be bought ….. where is the audacity people had to demand something only when they worked for it ???

My father tells me ” We are here na to support your husband.” 

I give him that dirty piercing look as a daughter and ask him , ” What if my grandmom had said the same thing when you married mom?” 

It is imperative that we teach our next ones to achieve….achieve them through their brains…not someone’s recommendation…teach them that being humble does not mean weak. Abhor any negative thoughts about love and make them not just good people but Great examples !!!!

PHEW !!!  



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