Aadat se Majboor – Ladies V/S Ricky Bahl (Song Review)

Bollywood may or may not be a female dominated industry, but blah, as long as it’s steaming hot platter readily serves films like Ladies V/S Ricky Bahl , I’m not complaining.

Whether Ranveer Singh’s latest flick with Anushka Sharma gets the box office registers rolling or not, is not my concern here. The film’s title song is…..

AADAT SE MAJBOOR – Ladies V/S Ricky Bahl

Singer : Benny Dayal ,

Rap by : Ranveer Singh,

Lyrics : Amitabh Bhattacharya, &

Music Director(s) : Salim and Suleiman

From the first beat itself , the song is a winner!!! The music has been perfectly composed keeping in mind Ranveer’s character and as a layman, when I hear the instrumental, I know what kind of a man , we are talking about here.

Smooth, calm and yet cunning…

That is what Ricky Bahl is for you…. The perfect lover and the uber-cool con-man!!











After composing lyrics for critically acclaimed and blockbuster films, like Delhi Belly , Once Upon a Time in Mumbai , No one killed Jessica , Band Baaja Baaraat and many more, Amitabh Bhattacharya’s smartly worded lyrics for Aadat se Majboor are an example of how well the lyricist has studied the character . With an eclectic mix of the Hindi and English language, Aadat se Majboor is a saucy warning for all the swooning women out there!!!

“Aankhon ke neeche se
Kajal churaa loon mein
Aisi safai hai meri
Entry hai book si
Exit toofan hai
Yeh mooh dikhai hai meri” 

Now being a woman, doesn’t that excite you and make you curious?? Well it did that to me!!

I’m in love with it!!

Coming to the singer, Benny Dayal . A localite from the UAE, Benny is no stranger in the film industry down south. After singing in numerous Telugu , Malayalam and Tamil films, Benny made his debut in the Bollywood film Industry with the superhit Jaane Tu …Jaane Tu ya Jaane na, Benny Dayal has sung this song with grace and male sensuality that one tends to naturally flow when they hear him singing.

I can actually imagine and picture Ranveer being that suave criminal , impeccably charming women with his words!!

and Lastly, the hottie and the super-confident Ranveer Singh. Going from the interviews on Simi Selects and Kaun Banega Crorepati , if Ranveer has actually written those rap lyrics himself, he is mighty good!!! The song too, has it’s well placed share of rap with Ranveer being in absolute sync with music and the feel of the song.

Aadat se Majboor is just too CON-NY to be written off. A top-scorer from this album . For those of you, who still haven’t heard it :0 , here is the link to the song ,





(P.S. The review above, is solely the author’s and does not intend to speak for any indiviual , community or blah blah blah…!!)