‘Lest I forget…

‘Lest I forget,

You’re not here yet.

My time tick, tick and tocks

My heart often just picks ,picks and drops

No matter what I say or do,

My words are not getting through

My face seems to search those lines

Your fingers drew …

I need reasons to understand,

I need moments to believe

Baby, hold my soul

Oh baby, don’t watch it mold

I know love comes slow

But goes faster away

I need you to stay

Yes, I need you to…


Accessorizing Love

Caressing the highways of my face,

Are the droplets of the rain, long awaited.

The jazz of the thundering cloudy nights,

The dance of my body filled with titillation



Snuggle me within you,

Like that lonesome moon in the greys,

Let me slither,

 Like that wet soap down your navel…

Decorate me on you,

Like that bed sheet on the first night.

I’m still colorless…


Like that migraine,

I’ll arrive unannounced.

I am in love, beware

I am all around..yet unaware…

Life…The Way it is…

To say a few words when the time is not right…
To feel a few moments when the days dont go well…
To count the few minutes when the hours fly by…
To cry the few tears when the laughter doesnt come easily…

To apprehend when the mind doesnt think ,
To love when the beloved parts ways,
To hate when the love within is still strong,
To escape when the will to live is much stronger…

To forgive when the wounds are still fresh…
To live when death is in line…
To smile when the tears dont stop…
To be worried when the pleasant happens…

To be alone when the world is with you ,
To be with them and still miss them,
To sleep when the eyes dont want to obey ,
To be awake when the heart and soul just want to sleep ,

Is Life…

Romancing the Trance

The trance of time waved over the limited

She was needed where she was left off

Yet unaware were her tresses,

Of the strong wind that blew past by…

Her lip balm was still wet…

 It’s color, motionless anew.  

 See-through reality,

 A mis-guided reverie,

 Both combined…aaahh what a treasury!




Leave her bosom; he no longer clutches it,

Don’t, her heart, he plain dutches it.


She swears at the sea,

The waves gave her hope,

Her intense words now foul,

His poetry was dope!


If, every tomorrow is a new day,

Let every tonight become nostalgic.

Run your fingers through my hair,

And make this ending tragic….

The tide of passion …

Tell me why is it so?

That u cloud my veil of reticence,

That your eyes word more than they see,

And your fingers feel my flaccid numbness.

Tell me what happens?

When that long-endearing touch burns my heart to flames,

Those feet, travel all my coyness to shame,

Or that night’s me in you drives me insane …

Tell me how?

Our bodies entwine like a baby to its mother,

Times freeze when one reminiscences of the other,

Or lifetimes pass as your lips taste my flavor.

No!! Don’t force me to leave today,

Tis the night of full moon,

Who knows the night and who’s seen the day,

Crawl unto me and I shall, dip you in my tray …

Love unsourced…

As another days ends,
I look up and vent.
Tis’ a day I thank , or
Agonize my life with a spank

Time was like a roller coaster  once,
Resembling now a grudging engine.
I turn around and face the moment,
Boils down to one filthy event !!!

I ask no wealth, but contentment.
I cry no fear, but whats there?
I wrath only future ,
It often reduces the ire

I love you, oh mine…
You’re the pendant to my chain,
Solace to my pain.

I need you, oh beloved…
The Shakespeare to my emotion u are
Oh… The water to my body u are…

Romancing the Delusion


That clock tower rung,

I noticed time slowing down

Denying the present, the old lady trots ahead,

Her era shadowing her…


In a quandary, my mind races,

I try to fit my past in today.

Damn you, my life

I miss being astray.


I am in love, for God’s sake,

Untie my ropes,

Unleash my reins,

My lover awaits…


 Blacks and greys are out,

It’s the red that hungers me.

I try to look in the city,

The wilderness somehow eclipses.


The clutter that my love is,

It straightens the mess in me.

I look at those hands and shiver…

And that’s when they come wrapping around.